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3-in-1 Musical Instrument

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The Hexajam is perfect for beginners of any age.

Each instrument is intuitive and requires no prior knowledge or technical skill to start making music.

Three instruments in one unit creates an instantly fun and collaborative musical experience.



Each instrument module has 6 unique tone settings so players can explore and combine different sounds.

There is a universal switch to select a scale such as major, minor, lydian, and blues. Within the selected scale, there are no "wrong notes," and the keyboard and bass are always synced.


Three headphone outputs allow multiple Hexajams to be in the same room.


This feature is ideal for an education environment because it allows different groups of students to simultaneously explore their own musical worlds.


The Hexajam can also be played from an amp or PA system.

Learn Music by Jamming

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The Hexajam offers an alternative to traditional music education by allowing students to easily compose and exchange their own creative ideas.


Through playful discovery, it teaches basic musical concepts such as melody, rhythm, harmony, circle of fifths, chords, modes, intervals, root note, timbre, ear training, scales, improvisation and composition.

Build Community


From our many field tests and focus groups, we have found that people universally love the experience of the Hexajam.

The physical arrangement of the player, combined with the ease of use, creates a magical collaborative space. Built into the fabric of the instrument are valuable life skills, such as cooperation, teamwork, and empathy.

The Hexajam quite literally brings people together.

Where can the Hexajam be used?


Music classrooms, playrooms, community centers, living rooms, parties, arcades, afterschool programs, retirement homes, state fairs, music centers, bedrooms, summer camps, recording studios, parks, museums, zoos, office breakrooms, and indoor playgrounds; just to name a few.


2023  Kyle Fakhoury

The Hexajam design currently has a patent pending.

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